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American Insurgent Movement’s Robert James Talbot Jr, Arrested in Katy, TX

A Katy man, Robert Talbot Jr., was charged with multiple crimes after being investigated by the FBI for everything from planning bank and armored car robberies, on up to an all out assault on the Federal Government in an attempt to somehow restore America to its pre-Constitutional former self. Unfortunately for him, he failed miserably. […]

Its a bird! Its a Plane! Wait we lost it!

Asians are becoming tired of looking for that lost passenger jetliner. Literally. My money is riding on an ultimate outcome of grand theft plane is you know what I mean. For more information than my sarcasm can produce, review one of the latest articles from the AP about the current situation with missing plane search.

Arrested in Harris County, TX for Possession of Child Porn?

Sex Crimes, Children, and Good Defense Lawyers