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The Truth About the Nevada Rancher’s Standoff

Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy – of Bundy Ranch – is locked in a standoff with the federal Bureau of Land Management over illegal cattle grazing, endangered tortoises and property rights. It gets even better… The fight involves a 600,000-acre area under BLM control called Gold Butte, near the Utah border. The is the habitat of […]

Charged with a crime in Houston? See this Video

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense and need help beating the charge look no further than the video below to know who’s best for your criminal defense in Houston. The results speak for themselves as they always seem to do.

Women Earn Less Pay Than Men In Dictator Obama’s White House

So our dear leader, commonly referred to as the President here in America, has opened his stupid ass mouth and begun to blab about equal pay among men and women. Now on to why I referred to his mouth as a stupid ass; Considering that President Obama’s own White House doesn’t offer gender equal pay, […]