Shoplifting, Minor Crimes, and Texas Law

Shoplifting doesn’t sound like a serious crime. After all, no one gets hurt. Most items taken aren’t that expensive. A necktie, a book, a dress. No city is immune to such criminal activities, and Austin, TX is no exception. If you need help fighting back against shoplifting charges, contact Austin criminal case lawyer Jackson F. […]

The Tequila Made Him Do It

This homicide-related article is a very personal tale. In January 1988, my father, Robert Haugh, was bludgeoned to death in his home in Seguin, Texas. He was 37. My dad worked in the medical field for many years and was employed at the San Antonio Medical Center at the time of his death. One night […]

Avoiding Criminal Charges in Galveston

Galveston County law enforcement officers are serious when it comes to arresting people that they believe may have had involvement in a crime. From conmen to gangsters, Galveston has its share of the criminal element in Texas and it’s officers are among the most professional men and women engaged in working to tone down the […]