Intoxicated Driving: A Crime in Texas

Being in Texas, and getting caught by the police while driving under the influence of alcohol, can be a very big deal if you care anything about your future, and your freedom. You better be prepared to pay a huge fine or end up in jail. Your first DUI offense in Texas will cost you […]

What To Do When Facing Criminal Charges for DWI

In Houston, TX thousands of people are arrested and charged with DWI related criminal offenses every year. If you’re unlucky enough to be charged with a DWI related criminal offense, we have 3 attorneys we would like to recommend to you which we’ve listed below. If you’re facing criminal charges for drunk driving, we recommend […]

The Nelson Firm (DWI Attorneys)

Having to deal with a DWI case not only means losing your Texas Drivers’ License within 15 days if you don’t have a smart lawyer who knows how to effectively intervene, it also means the potential for a stay in a correctional facility, the potential for monetary penalties, and the possibility of a negative criminal […]