Liberal Suicide: Court Appointed Criminal Defense

There are a number of public defenders who accept criminal cases on behalf of the indigent and there are a few things to know about the things that public defenders have to deal with along with the situations that cause them to be called into service in the first place. This writing is inspired by […]

Alcohol, DUI-DWI cases and Qualified Attorneys

Some DWI cases are criminally classified as misdemeanors while other instances of criminal charges related to cases involving DWI’s can end up being in serious felony criminal charges depending on the details surrounding the arrest. A conviction of a DWI felony offense will cause major problems in your life including the possibility of jail time, […]

Criminal Defense Lawyers Fight Criminal Charges for a Living

Most people who are jammed up by the police never see it coming. One second they were just enjoying their weekend (most arrests happen during the weekend and on full moons), and the next they are scared to death by hot flashing red and blue lights indicative of a shit storm for whomsoever is the […]