Shoplifting, Minor Crimes, and Texas Law

Shoplifting doesn’t sound like a serious crime. After all, no one gets hurt. Most items taken aren’t that expensive. A necktie, a book, a dress. No city is immune to such criminal activities, and Austin, TX is no exception. If you need help fighting back against shoplifting charges, contact Austin criminal case lawyer Jackson F. […]

Overview of Wrongful Death Claims & Texas Law

Almost every minute, someone loses a loved one due to an accident. Accidents could be inevitable but putting in place some measures, e.g., some regulatory safety measures by the federal or the state governments can help minimize the accidents. Accidents are of a different nature and magnitude, often resulting in injury or loss of family […]

Private Investigators of Houston

Private investigators in Houston are committed to provide reliable and affordable services, and present results timely and in an accountable manner in Houston. Private investigators in Houston just like in Texas must go through some licensing requirements which include thorough checks at the background and also must have some applications presented to the Texas Association […]