Avoiding Criminal Charges in Galveston

Galveston County law enforcement officers are serious when it comes to arresting people that they believe may have had involvement in a crime. From conmen to gangsters, Galveston has its share of the criminal element in Texas and it’s officers are among the most professional men and women engaged in working to tone down the criminal element in Southeast Texas.

Tips To Avoid Arrest in Galveston

The best way to avoid being arrested in Galveston is to avoid areas in which criminal activity occurs. Another good way to avoid any chance of being accused of a felony in Galveston is to abstain from the company of individuals who engage in criminal activity as a mainstay. Guilt by association is real and there are many innocent people in jail because of that, and poor lawyering.

Arrested? Get Legal Help Now!

If you were arrested and accused of a crime it’s important that you seek professional help immediately. There are number of decent criminal defense attorneys out in Galveston that are able & willing to help you with your case. As long as you pay all your legal fees, and you’re comfortable with your attorney, you should have no problem putting up the best fight possible against Galveston County’s most harsh prosecutors.

Recommended Criminal Defense Attorneys

Listed below are number of the criminal defense attorneys in Galveston that we would recommend to persons who are seeking legal help. This is not a random list of attorneys but a display of Galveston’s best criminal lawyers who are currently able to accept cases. Whether you’ve been accused of a felony, misdemeanor, or you’re facing federal charges, these guys will be in the help you out.

  • Attorneys Tad Nelson & Amber Spurlock (Website)
  • Attorney Jonathan Zendeh Del (Website)
  • The Jones Law Firm (Website)
  • Greg Russell Attorney at Law (Website)


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