Criminal Defense Lawyers Fight Criminal Charges for a Living

Most people who are jammed up by the police never see it coming.

One second they were just enjoying their weekend (most arrests happen during the weekend and on full moons), and the next they are scared to death by hot flashing red and blue lights indicative of a shit storm for whomsoever is the target of police attention.

Not too soon thereafter, an arrest is made.

Don’t Panic, Hire a Houston Defense Attorney

Being arrested by the Houston Police Department, or any other Texas law enforcement agency, is not something one would want to be involved in and certainly not a pleasant experience, but keep your cool

Mouthing off to the arresting police officer may get you more criminal charges if the officer didn’t already charge you for every single offense committed, and you might unknowingly incriminate yourself of other crimes. If you’ve ever talked with a criminal defense attorney about encounters with police, they’ll tell you the same thing.

Talk To Your Lawyer

Your lawyer should be the only person you converse with about your case as he or she will need to know every single detail of the case, from your perspective, in order to have any chance of beating the States’ prosecutor at trial.


Most cases don’t go to trial, however, in the event that you are innocent of the criminal charges against you, and intend to plead as such, then you should opt for your attorney to take the case to trial.

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