Liberal Suicide: Court Appointed Criminal Defense

There are a number of public defenders who accept criminal cases on behalf of the indigent and there are a few things to know about the things that public defenders have to deal with along with the situations that cause them to be called into service in the first place.

This writing is inspired by the HBO Special “Gideon’s Army“, click here to watch it.

When it comes to being represented by a public defender there is a decent chance that you will be represented by a damn good lawyer, and you can have confidence in that because they handle far more cases than your average elite criminal defense attorney in private practice. The average day of a public defender often includes juggling hundreds of case making the idea of having a public defender appointed to represent you in the court of law for a felony offense – scary.

With so many cases to handle, its nearly impossible for court appointed lawyers to dedicate enough time to a case for them to be considered competent counsel so, if possible, hire a private practice lawyer if you can, but don’t panic if you can’t.

Common Complaints Among Public Defenders

Public defenders are well aware of the fact that the criminal justice system is designed to force indigent offenders to plead guilty to a criminal offense, even if they are innocent, so they can get closure on the case and get out of jail.the_jail_house

The public defense racket is more about lessening the penalty to be faced by an indigent who cannot afford counsel. In the mind of some public defenders, they merely help process guilty pleas rather than proving their clients’ innocence.

Some public defenders have a hard time dealing with the fact that if they lose a case, the convicted person is forever labelled a felon which will make their lives more difficult.

The good news; some public defenders give a damn.

Other public defenders have dealt with criminals that have described, in detail, the gruesome details of their offenses and have displayed pride in their offenses. This type of thing can disturb some public defenders and force them into private practice.

Often times when a public defender represents an indigent offender they have to fight the public perception that they aren’t any good as attorneys, but this is often not the case.

Reasons Why People are Criminally Charged

Some people are serving life in jail for criminal offenses so petty, that if successful in carrying out the crime they would have netted less than 100.00, but the violence involved in some of these crimes involve the threat of death, knives to necks, well, you get the idea. In some of the cases, the criminal penalties can include 10 and 20 year mandatory minimum sentencing with no chances for early release.

In cases in which the innocent are accused of felony offenses, its usually due to guilt by association.

Word To The Wise

If you’re ever arrested for a criminal offense always try to do whatever you can to hire a private practice defense lawyer with experience defending people who were accused by law enforcement of felony offenses.

The main reason for hiring a “free world” attorney is because you need to be represented by a criminal defense lawyer who will have time available to investigate the details of your case, look over the details of your arrest, and study the nuances of the evidence to be used against you by prosecuting attorneys who’s main task it is to represent the state and secure a guilty conviction from the court, the judge, and/or the jurors who will be ultimately making the life impacting decision in your case(s).

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