Women Earn Less Pay Than Men In Dictator Obama’s White House

So our dear leader, commonly referred to as the President here in America, has opened his stupid ass mouth and begun to blab about equal pay among men and women. Now on to why I referred to his mouth as a stupid ass; Considering that President Obama’s own White House doesn’t offer gender equal pay, he should have kept his dumb-assed mouth closed.


Harkens back to Eric Holder having a problem with being referred to as “in contempt of court” when questioned by a congressional oversight committee in relation to documents related to the Fast and Furious investigation in which Obama and Eric Holder funneled weapons to the Mexican Drug Cartels which got some U.S. law enforcement murdered.Eric Holder - Federal Criminal

Yes, these people are corrupt.

Well to tell the truth about it, men should earn more than women for a number of reasons.

  • Men don’t have periods and mood swings.
  • Men don’t give birth to children which requires a number of weeks away from the job.
  • Men don’t claim sexual harassment as often.
  • Men tend to have fewer health problems, and complaints.
  • Men are stronger, smarter, and physically more productive than women.
  • Men have a higher mental capacity than women.
  • Men are men, and women aren’t.
  • Man is the more important creature, and was created by God first.
  • Men control most of the money in the world, and that’s just how it is.

Although the above list a something we are having fun with, its true. Get over it.


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